Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There is a girl, she is a diamond, she's a piece of decaying fleshy vinyl melting in the sun. She is the kingdom, she's a hunk of concrete blowing up like dynamite for eternity. Like she never stops blowing up, she just blows up, and when she stops blowing she starts blowing up some more. Aaaaaaaaaaaand she's the newest RHLS representative.

So what is MNDR all about?

What is this post really all about?

Dude, the Fader Podcast did a feature on MNDR, and she's wearing our new Quadrocepticon Hoodie. But more specifically, MNDR is the dopest electronic artist coming out of NYC today. This girl takes gear to the next level, with a final outcome sounding RAAAAARW -Rawer. Harder, motherfucking satisfying. Listenable again and again and again and.... you can learn all this with your ears in this interview with MNDR in her Manhattan studio.

Also, Ruffeo never actully goes by Ruffeo, he goes by Nameless.
That's the name he goes by when he raps, and he's doing an East Coast Tour, including a special appearance with MNDR at Death By Audio October 19th 9 PM all ages. Debuting RHLS Fall 3009 ------- The "this is what pha shun sounds like?" tour. Price to be announced aiming for free to $5 donation. Hopefully RHLS can give away a free shot of whiskey with every beer purchase.
Nameless is really excited to be opening up for Dillon James Rego of the band Alaskas, very special comrad from Seattle, fuck yeah four weeks of dude time! Also Junk Prints will be making a cameo on the "runway"debuting her latest collection.

Yo, this is coming up quickly: Nameless and Alaskas in Boston, Saturday October 3rd at Whitehaus. Also preforming that night is Many Mansions, Coralcola, and Ming Ming Dance Co.

Monday, September 21, 2009


visit our flickr site for all the photos

Do you know what bumbershoot means?

  /ˈbʌmbərˌʃut/ [buhm-ber-shoot]
–noun Informal: Often Facetious.
an umbrella.

1915–20; bumber-, appar. expressive alter. of umbrella + -shoot, resp. of -chute in parachute

Yeah, It fucking RAINED. But we had fun didn't we kids? Thousands of new and old school RHLSers rolled through the booth. They repped hard, we repped hard, we got wet. Clothes were sold, prices were dropped to ridiculously low levels, people got happy. People got educated, I had to eventually make a sign that read: "Our clothing COST$ more than Forever 21 because it was made in the united states by human beings who were not exploited in the process" So we didnt have to repeatedly explain why our hoodies cost more than 20 dollars.

We met fans, We became fans! Here are some RHLSers: Happy new owners, and friends just shopping, trying shit on. See lots of photos at We made the biggest geodesic portals ever! The booth pleased the eye.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


whoa! RHLS is in Bust Magazine again.

page 70!

and our girl Zakiva is in there too! Check it.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Satan ♥ RHLS

Holy shit everybody, 666.
we have 666 sales. On the eve of Sarah's birthday.

THANK YOU everyone for helping us reach this momentous number.
Next up, even more sinister, SIX SIXES.

To help you help us get to 666666, we are holding a 24% off SALE.
get over there and celebrate!


It's that time of year again, when Sarah turns 24!!!
Get all your RHLS goods 24% off from today to Monday. (July 31-August 3).
You will get your discount refunded to you after purchase.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Heart: My experience as a RHLS Apprentice

Whats up RHLS lovers!?!? My name is Zach, and I'm an apprentice at Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty under the Hearts Program.
My experience so far has been great! Its a lot of work, but its an real life introduction to the way small businesses work. There is always something to do, and it never gets boring. There are seemingly endless things you can learn by working with RHLS. I started the program with no knowledge of the way small fashion companies work, but I finished with enough almost enough knowledge to make my own clothing. I have been helping make patterns using these patterns to cut fabric, silk screening and seeing how sewing works. Through the hearts program over the last two weeks, I have learned the basics of working in an independent, handmade clothing fashion company. It has inspired me to such a level that I plan to start designing my own clothing, as well as silk screens. The hearts program is a great experience for any respectable, hard working individual who wants to learn more about the handmade fashion movement.
Maxwell read this post, and he said it sucked, so I'm just going to talk about a day in the life of a full time apprentice. I stayed with Max and Sarah in an extra room in their Brooklyn apartment. Every morning around eleven, I would wake up to dozens of fresh bug bites, or the loud bang of a trash can full of junk hitting my window, being lowered down on a rope from the apartment above. I then would walk through the apartment, past the many crocodile skins on the walls and the ere portraits of poddles to take a shower in a bathroom with no light. I would then either take the train then a bus, or ride my bike. If I took the train, the wait for the bus would usually take about 20 minutes, and then when it finally came, I had to hope that it wasn't so full that it didn't have enough room for the people waiting at the bus stop. Once I get to work, I normally would start work right away. Normally I would just cut out fabric for sweaters, pockets, or underwear for a few hours. Occasionally I would go to the market to get food for the RHLS crew. Once I was done cooking food, and eating it with the RHLS crew, I would start work once again. I would normally work to around midnight or one. I would then take my bike back to the apartment, stay up till around 4 or 5 with my cousin on his roof, then go to bed and repeat the cycle the next day. Attached is a picture of the 260 triangles I helped cut.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


What the fuck it's the best band in brooklyn, These Are Powers. It was an extreme honor to work with Annna Barie, Pat Noecker, and Bill Salas- cus its like- RHLS makes functional art and this felt like butter and pan cakes makin love on a hot skillet. You know? Touchin down on visual melody makin = the source of inspiration for RHLS: Mackswell and Sarah first started making clothing to costume Nameless (aka Ruffeo aka Mackswell) for his Rap-Puppetry performances, Outfitting TAP was feelin up the earth chakra!!!!


Jacqueline Castel director of "Easy Answers" will blow your brains out. Her use of time lapsing and pan/zooming is HARD, a perfect accompaniment to TAP's eerie epic sound. Use of light and color: give this woman an emmy. The paper bling props alone offer hours of visual stimulation. I'm not going to analyze the music video's meaning, that's for you to do. I will say that these props look like they took months of craftsmanship, bringing a warmth and depth that only comes with invested thoughtful brains and hands. Anna told me some of the props (boom boxes, tapes) were made by artist friends of hers but I don't know who they are.. Whoever you are I thank you.


Some pictures from the video shoot:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bust Craftacular

Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty was at Bust Spring Craftacular this past weekend!

If you missed us, Threadbanger has a nice video recap featuring Ruffeo a.k.a Mackswell.

Our next craft fair will be Renegade on June 6 and 7. See you there!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We're hungry. Metaphysically and physically. We perceived a deficit in savory satisfying summer staples. Take tina turner, turned topside. Unzipped uncut unfiltered genuine draft. On the real, no bullshit. We've curated a line we believe is our finest collection, ever: QUADRACEPTICON summer 3009.

Just for reading this blog, we offer you 20% off anything bought off RHLS.COM (you need to use this link: (We'll refund you 20% through paypal upon your purchase).

Today we are introducing the first first five new members of the Ruffeo hearts Lil snotty family.

Ill Debbie
A jumper for jumping idiots.

Mitchelada 3009
W.W.I.A.D-What would Isaac Asimov Do?

Wear one thing all spring and summer! You never need to change. It's a dress, it's shorts, it's a television test pattern.

Span Decks Fleshbag

Just dream nobody knows spandex like Ruffeo. Nobody does spandex like Ruffeo. We won't be undersold (Actually, intricate inlay doesn't get any cheaper than this. Go ahead, undersell us).

Watersport Tank
The finest tank top in the word. Now made from salvaged mesh.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Yo sweaty betties strip down get ready. It is summer time, Or at least in our minds it is.

RHLS has been grindin' hard behind the scenes coming out with a fresh fresh new line of dresses. Process meets function once again using dead stock cotton and jersey, breathable polyester and super wide elastic from the Brooklyn belt factory (RIP).

We deliver some filthy dirty shit to make our mouth hurt. technicolor rainbows gang flow, stay quiet stay low.

thank you very much we hope you enjoy this juicy popsicle as much as we enjoyed making it. Keep your eye peeled for the technicolor romper along with the young coconut dress: a bell shaped pocket innovation.

DO YOU SEA WHAT I DID?! Watersporty, Creamy Jammin

Last weekend Ryder got me wet.

doin it

ruffeo, hearts and lil snotty

we are talking it out on the internet to further our ambitions of power success fame and social change!

Sunday meeting!

-communication: collaborative power and individual motivation

-money: where it goes where it comes from what we are doing with it

-spring/summer line: solidify collection make production goals

-production calendar: goals, semstress help and labor budget

-interns: post gig on craigs list, on etsy site, make flyer to put on internet

-large goals!

-to do lists

-personal lil notebooks

Friday, May 1, 2009

"Hearts" is the name of our apprentice program.
RHLS teaches: we are growing this handmade movement with the help of dedicated ethically minded Brooklynites.

RHLS HEARTS Mission Statement
We are looking for people interested in gaining experience making clothes and learning how to build a business. We are called Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty. We make everything we sell by hand in our beautiful workshop in Red Hook, Brooklyn. This would be beneficial to any person who would like to learn the entire process of creating a product, solving problems creatively, and thinking in a local based economy, creating a sustainable business.

The working environment here is very communal, the space is absolutely gorgeous, right on the water with a view of the statue of liberty! You would get experience/get trained in pattern making, cutting patterns with a industrial rotary knife, learn about systematic production, custom fitting, tailoring, upcycling deadstock fabric/clothing, sourcing materials from manufacturer waste, building silk screens, coating silkscreens, exposing silk screens, preparing transparencies for screens and the technique of silk screening. You will be using a 4 screen silk screen press, and a flash cure unit, leaning how to register different layers of prints.

There is the opportunity to learn how to sew if you are willing to work with us for the longer term, we would love to have you as long as you like, but this apprenticeship is for a minimum of 1 days a week for a month up to four days a week for 3 months. Everything is negotiable. If both RHLS and you would like to stay longer or shorter we will work it out.

As far as our background goes, we are entering our 3rd year. We sell all around the USA and Europe, Asia. We sell at Patria Field in New York (costume designer for Sex In The City, Ugly Betty) and were recently on CBS Sunday Morning News/ Martha Stewart teaching Mo Rocca how to sew a sweatshirt. We were a featured seller on We were winners of Fred Flare's "Next Big Thing" contest. And we maintain a guest segment on, doing tutorials and Upcycling Recon Tours.
These Are Powers music video:

Ruffeo and Mo Rocca:

Threadbanger: Make Boy Shorts

Belt Factory Raid:

Threadbanger: Space Helmet Hoodie

Reptilian Invasion

Etsy Visiting Artist Program: Majestica Collective

Shop Online:

Shop in Stores:

New York
Patricia Field
302 Bowery
New York, NY 10012

Flock Shop
943 N. Broadway, #103
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Rumors Boutique
404 North Harrison Street
Richmond, Virginia

North Carolina
Honey Pot
86 N. Lexington Ave.
Asheville, NC 28801

Pretty Parlor
119 Summit Ave. E.
Seattle, Washington

White Rabbit
109 South Linn St.
Iowa City, Iowa

We are looking for interns and apprentices for this spring and summer. Are you into representing/producing handmade, being part of the anti-pha-shun movement? We are in NY but if you're not and would like to come out here for a spring or summer experience don't hesitate to apply!
Email us for the application:


We believe by reclaiming the clothing industry, making everything locally and using leftover materials we can revolutionize production practices in many fields.
We are taking responsibity and we belive consumers will get behind us and share that responsibilty, yes, we still want to save the world, thanks mom.


WE MADE A BABY =Mo Rocca and Ruffeo =