Saturday, June 20, 2009


What the fuck it's the best band in brooklyn, These Are Powers. It was an extreme honor to work with Annna Barie, Pat Noecker, and Bill Salas- cus its like- RHLS makes functional art and this felt like butter and pan cakes makin love on a hot skillet. You know? Touchin down on visual melody makin = the source of inspiration for RHLS: Mackswell and Sarah first started making clothing to costume Nameless (aka Ruffeo aka Mackswell) for his Rap-Puppetry performances, Outfitting TAP was feelin up the earth chakra!!!!


Jacqueline Castel director of "Easy Answers" will blow your brains out. Her use of time lapsing and pan/zooming is HARD, a perfect accompaniment to TAP's eerie epic sound. Use of light and color: give this woman an emmy. The paper bling props alone offer hours of visual stimulation. I'm not going to analyze the music video's meaning, that's for you to do. I will say that these props look like they took months of craftsmanship, bringing a warmth and depth that only comes with invested thoughtful brains and hands. Anna told me some of the props (boom boxes, tapes) were made by artist friends of hers but I don't know who they are.. Whoever you are I thank you.


Some pictures from the video shoot:

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