Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There is a girl, she is a diamond, she's a piece of decaying fleshy vinyl melting in the sun. She is the kingdom, she's a hunk of concrete blowing up like dynamite for eternity. Like she never stops blowing up, she just blows up, and when she stops blowing she starts blowing up some more. Aaaaaaaaaaaand she's the newest RHLS representative.

So what is MNDR all about?

What is this post really all about?

Dude, the Fader Podcast did a feature on MNDR, and she's wearing our new Quadrocepticon Hoodie. But more specifically, MNDR is the dopest electronic artist coming out of NYC today. This girl takes gear to the next level, with a final outcome sounding RAAAAARW -Rawer. Harder, motherfucking satisfying. Listenable again and again and again and.... you can learn all this with your ears in this interview with MNDR in her Manhattan studio.

Also, Ruffeo never actully goes by Ruffeo, he goes by Nameless.
That's the name he goes by when he raps, and he's doing an East Coast Tour, including a special appearance with MNDR at Death By Audio October 19th 9 PM all ages. Debuting RHLS Fall 3009 ------- The "this is what pha shun sounds like?" tour. Price to be announced aiming for free to $5 donation. Hopefully RHLS can give away a free shot of whiskey with every beer purchase.
Nameless is really excited to be opening up for Dillon James Rego of the band Alaskas, very special comrad from Seattle, fuck yeah four weeks of dude time! Also Junk Prints will be making a cameo on the "runway"debuting her latest collection.

Yo, this is coming up quickly: Nameless and Alaskas in Boston, Saturday October 3rd at Whitehaus. Also preforming that night is Many Mansions, Coralcola, and Ming Ming Dance Co.

Monday, September 21, 2009


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Do you know what bumbershoot means?

  /ˈbʌmbərˌʃut/ [buhm-ber-shoot]
–noun Informal: Often Facetious.
an umbrella.

1915–20; bumber-, appar. expressive alter. of umbrella + -shoot, resp. of -chute in parachute

Yeah, It fucking RAINED. But we had fun didn't we kids? Thousands of new and old school RHLSers rolled through the booth. They repped hard, we repped hard, we got wet. Clothes were sold, prices were dropped to ridiculously low levels, people got happy. People got educated, I had to eventually make a sign that read: "Our clothing COST$ more than Forever 21 because it was made in the united states by human beings who were not exploited in the process" So we didnt have to repeatedly explain why our hoodies cost more than 20 dollars.

We met fans, We became fans! Here are some RHLSers: Happy new owners, and friends just shopping, trying shit on. See lots of photos at We made the biggest geodesic portals ever! The booth pleased the eye.