Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We're hungry. Metaphysically and physically. We perceived a deficit in savory satisfying summer staples. Take tina turner, turned topside. Unzipped uncut unfiltered genuine draft. On the real, no bullshit. We've curated a line we believe is our finest collection, ever: QUADRACEPTICON summer 3009.

Just for reading this blog, we offer you 20% off anything bought off RHLS.COM (you need to use this link: (We'll refund you 20% through paypal upon your purchase).

Today we are introducing the first first five new members of the Ruffeo hearts Lil snotty family.

Ill Debbie
A jumper for jumping idiots.

Mitchelada 3009
W.W.I.A.D-What would Isaac Asimov Do?

Wear one thing all spring and summer! You never need to change. It's a dress, it's shorts, it's a television test pattern.

Span Decks Fleshbag

Just dream nobody knows spandex like Ruffeo. Nobody does spandex like Ruffeo. We won't be undersold (Actually, intricate inlay doesn't get any cheaper than this. Go ahead, undersell us).

Watersport Tank
The finest tank top in the word. Now made from salvaged mesh.

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