Friday, May 1, 2009

"Hearts" is the name of our apprentice program.
RHLS teaches: we are growing this handmade movement with the help of dedicated ethically minded Brooklynites.

RHLS HEARTS Mission Statement
We are looking for people interested in gaining experience making clothes and learning how to build a business. We are called Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty. We make everything we sell by hand in our beautiful workshop in Red Hook, Brooklyn. This would be beneficial to any person who would like to learn the entire process of creating a product, solving problems creatively, and thinking in a local based economy, creating a sustainable business.

The working environment here is very communal, the space is absolutely gorgeous, right on the water with a view of the statue of liberty! You would get experience/get trained in pattern making, cutting patterns with a industrial rotary knife, learn about systematic production, custom fitting, tailoring, upcycling deadstock fabric/clothing, sourcing materials from manufacturer waste, building silk screens, coating silkscreens, exposing silk screens, preparing transparencies for screens and the technique of silk screening. You will be using a 4 screen silk screen press, and a flash cure unit, leaning how to register different layers of prints.

There is the opportunity to learn how to sew if you are willing to work with us for the longer term, we would love to have you as long as you like, but this apprenticeship is for a minimum of 1 days a week for a month up to four days a week for 3 months. Everything is negotiable. If both RHLS and you would like to stay longer or shorter we will work it out.

As far as our background goes, we are entering our 3rd year. We sell all around the USA and Europe, Asia. We sell at Patria Field in New York (costume designer for Sex In The City, Ugly Betty) and were recently on CBS Sunday Morning News/ Martha Stewart teaching Mo Rocca how to sew a sweatshirt. We were a featured seller on We were winners of Fred Flare's "Next Big Thing" contest. And we maintain a guest segment on, doing tutorials and Upcycling Recon Tours.

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  1. WOW, my friend JUST introduced your creations to me, and i think theyre AMAZING! i'm gonna make a pair of shorts when i get some elastic! im taking a sewing class right now in highschool, its for basics. but unfortunately, i already know everythnig theyre teaching. im a bit interested in this apprentice program, but i still have a lot of time. gotta get outta highschool and see what path i will take in life. -Rain from Las Vegas my aim is-> Jufi3000