Thursday, November 11, 2010


SUNDAY EATS AND FEATS: Study NYC offers a free lecture: Clothing Manufacturing, Local versus Overseas

Join us this Sunday at MOVES Pop Up Store for Brunch followed by a the first part of a lecture mini series/discussion. This one lead by Tara St. James owner/designer of Study NYC.

Come as a budding designer /business owner or as a member of the greater consumer-community. Educate yourself about production practices of clothing/all things we make/ buy.

Brunch, potluck style, bring some eats to share. MOVES will provide complimentary mimosas and screwdrivers from 12pm to 1pm. Then as brunch raps up soak up vital information/ pros and cons of local versus outsourced (outside of USA) production practices from the seasoned designer Tara St. James.

SUNDAY November 14th, 12PM.

MOVES POP UP STORE, 214 Franklin St, Greenpoint Brooklyn. Buzz Moves button to get in.

Entry is free, suggested donation is $1 to $10.

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